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Tragedy comes on a summer's night when a terrible accident claims the life of flight attendant Pamela Mead, leaving her husband David inconsolable. But soon Pam's mother Sinie Stokes, Detective Jill Candland and civil rights attorney learn that this couple's perfect marriage wasn't. A mistress with several conflicting versions of events, a hit man with a grudge and a record, a large, recent insurance policy, an autopsy revisited, and a woman known only as Stormy dog Jill before an election upset removes the prosecutor of choice, her election as union president precedes demotion from detectives, and an angrily fought civil trial ends in a hung jury.

Candland persuades Deputy District Attorney to file murder charges, despite objectives from within his office, three years to the day of Pam's death. Lemcke must steer around other cases, tensions and events on his desk and in his life while David finds an attorney with a score to settle. Then Howie's belief that the seventh day was created for football is challenged when his youngest child enrolls in a choir school, he goes to hear the music and stumbles across the Word.

Hardly an evolving angel, Lemcke steps into bare-knuckle courtroom contests that climax in front of a judge, dishing out his shame of blows to all regions as moments of discovery and realization span months of inquisition: Would he bring justice to Pam, her family and their supporters? Would he find his own heart? Would Jill be vindicated? And would anyone ever find Stormy?


        Howard R "Howie" Lemcke is a career prosecutor with the Office of the District Attorney in Salt Lake City. Part of the furniture of the office, Lemcke has handled, thousands of cases, including over 60 homicides, and has tried hundreds as the "first chair" in his over twenty years of service. He has served many years as the Judge Advocate on the board of the Utah Chiefs of Police Association, as a small claims judge "pro-tem", as an adjunct professor at the law school and as an instructor at the police academy. He currently serves as the Co-Vice-Chairman of the Criminal Law Section of the Utah State Bar. 
        Howie's law career came after stints as a Design Engineer and an infantryman in Vietnam. He is a Registered Professional Engineer and a Life Member of the Disabled veterans of America. A diehard Chicago Bears fan, he knows suffering. Howie married labor and delivery nurse Nancy in 1974 and have three adult children: Amy, Danny and Sara. The two live in Salt Lake City and have built a cabin in the Utah mountains.
        This is Lemcke'e first book, although he had written a regular column, "Legal Corner", for the Police Chiefs and has occasionally ranted in the local alternative press or under the nom de talk show "Phred." Howard proudly serves as the Secretary of the School Board for the Madeleine Choir School.


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